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Rutgers Union Workers Call for Faculty Deal Provisions For All

A tentative agreement between Rutgers University management and the largest faculty union requires that a financial emergency exists before the university can cancel raises, which has been a sticking point since increases were unilaterally frozen in 2010. This agreement applies to nearly 4,700 members of the Rutgers University American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT), including graduate and teaching assistants. Union leaders are hopeful key provisions of the deal will apply to all of the 20,000 workers represented by unions at Rutgers.

March 10 Newark Unity Rally: Fair Contracts Now!

Faculty, Staff, and Students: Unity Rally -- Indoor with Food at 5 PM Essex Room, Robeson. Enough is enough! Rutgers has the money: Fair Contracts Now! President Barchi and Rutgers' management continue to insist that they must have the infamous "subject to" clause in any new labor contracts. This clause was used to impose unilaterally a salary freeze in 2010. At the same time, they have been trumpeting their fundraising success and strong financial position to creditors and donors. 5 PM in the Paul Robeson Student Center, Essex Room, Newark

Most Rutgers faculty earn less than $50G

But the real story of Rutgers’ massive payroll may not be at the top, but at the bottom. Half of the 24,829 workers collecting paychecks from Rutgers earned less than $50,000 last year, according to a review of salary data by MyCentralJersey.com. Many of the lowest-paid workers at Rutgers are the faculty members teaching the state university’s 65,500 students. The median gross salary last year of the more than 2,400 part-time lecturers at Rutgers was $8,727, according to the data review.

Rally and March into Old Queens

Participate in this rally to say we haven't come this far to accept a contract that allows RU management to nullify any raises we earn "subject to" their whims Rally and March into Old Queens! Tues, Feb 24 at 1:30 PM, Old Queens, College Ave Campus, New Brunswick

When can Rutgers freeze professors' pay? Union demands contract changes

NEW BRUNSWICK — After months of tense contract negotiations, Rutgers University officials and representatives of its professors union have reached a tentative deal to raise faculty salary minimums and improve family leave benefits. But the two sides remain deadlocked on one big question: When can Rutgers freeze the salaries of its employees?

Video: Updated $ Analysis Find RU with more than $700 million unrestricted

A Trenton Statehouse press conference announced analysis of Rutgers updated financial report finding more than $700 in unrestricted reserves. Rutgers workers and union leaders are joined by Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin, Senator Linda Greenstein and NJAFLCIO President Charles Wowkanech.

Reclaim Rutgers Video: Prof. David Hughes

Suggests paying parking fees, library fines and tuition "subject to" availability of funds. Maybe the Board of Governors would pay President Barchi if they feel like they have the money?


Indoor luncheon rally at Rutgers Student Center, College Ave. followed by a march to the Board of Governors mtg. at Winants Hall where we'll pack the room. RSVP to reclaimrutgers@gmail.com for the indoor rally with lunch 12 -1pm in the Rutgers Student Center on College Ave Campus in New Brunswick, Multipurpose Room, where members, students and elected officials will demand fair contracts now. After the indoor rally, we will march down College Ave. to Winants Hall, 7 College Ave, and pack the room where the Board of Governors will be meeting. If you can, make a commitment to the whole time from 12 noon to 2pm in order to show President Barchi and the members of the Board of Governors that we want action from them now on fair salaries, flexible leave for new parents, phased retirement, preservation of tenure lines, and more.

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It’s time for Rutgers management to refocus its priorities on our mission to provide high quality education, research, patient care and service in the interests of students, workers, and the community.

Rutgers should restore library budget

President Barchi has called students the "heart and soul" of the university, but as Rutgers management moves the university into the major leagues of college football, members of the university community‹students, staff and faculty‹are left questioning the veracity of this claim when academics suffer. There may be no more telling example than the university libraries where massive budgets cuts are coupled with Big Ten fees and additional resource demands.

Faculty protests for higher wage contracts

The cold weather and pouring rain could not stop a large crowd of professors and faculty members from protesting yesterday outside Douglass Student Center. Toting megaphones and picket signs, the protestors demanded salary raises and fairer distribution of funding. The protests took place on all four New Brunswick campuses, as well as Newark and Camden. http://www.dailytargum.com/article/2014/10/faculty-protests-for-higher-wage-contracts

Rutgers union rally calls for fair contract negotiations, focus on academics

NEWARK – A labor rally on the Rutgers-Newark campus on Thursday called for Rutgers University leadership to quickly settle its contract with over 20,000 university workers, as well as keep the university’s focus on academics rather than athletics. http://politickernj.com/2014/10/rutgers-union-rally-calls-for-fair-contract-negotiations-focus-on-academics/

Rutgers unions rally over contract negotiations

As colleagues in New Brunswick and Newark, N.J., held larger demonstrations, professors and other union members held a small rally at Rutgers-Camden to push for progress in ongoing labor negotiations. Like many at the Rutgers-Camden rally, art history professor Martin Rosenberg said the university focused on athletics at the expense of academics. "We're on completely the wrong track," he said. "I don't give a damn about the football team." http://www.philly.com/philly/education/20141024_Rutgers__unions_rally_over_contract_negotiations.html

The business of Rutgers is education, not business

This is why faculty and staff who are in contract negotiations, and the students who are affected by our working conditions, have united to “Reclaim Rutgers.” We aim to take back our university from those whose corporate interests threaten Rutgers’ educational standards. The business of universities is education, not business, and it is long past time for Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, to put the interests of its students first. See more at: http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2014/10/opinion_the_business_of_rutgers_is_education_not_business.html.


(New Brunswick, NJ) – Today, on the eve of President Robert Barchi’s State of the University address, former Scarlet Knights football player and Rutgers alumnus Eric LeGrand released a video in support of Reclaim Rutgers - a dynamic coalition representing unionized workers in tough contract negotiations with management. Tomorrow, immediately before Barchi speaks, faculty, staff, students, alumni and other allies will hold a rally at 12:30 p.m. echoing LeGrand’s call for fair contracts. You can view the LeGrand video at http://youtu.be/LcAel-IQfS8

Students should fight for fair faculty and staff contracts

What can be even more difficult to remember is the fact that we aren’t the only people who are affected by the University’s policies. The University administration’s decisions, its opinions and even its silences also affect thousands of people that students often take for granted: the faculty and staff of Rutgers. Due to inflation, University employees actually make less money now than they did before the policies were enacted a few years ago. This is in spite of the fact that Rutgers has more than $1 billion in cash reserves, according to an April 2014 report on Rutgers’ finances conducted by Howard Bunsis, a professor at Eastern Michigan University. The same report states that student tuition comprises about a third of Rutgers’ revenue. As we all know, this contribution is not easy for us — many students take out loans, work long hours or scramble for scholarships in order to afford the rising costs of our college education. Student and their families worked hard to earn that money, and we have a responsibility to ensure it is spent wisely — that the University’s expenditures enhance our educational experiences — above all else. This spending should include appropriate compensation for the staff and faculty not only because they play a key role in the Rutgers community, but also because the University should not be allowed to perpetuate unfair labor practices. See more at: http://www.dailytargum.com/article/2014/09/students-should-fight-for-fair-faculty-and-staff-contracts

Former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand supporting union in video

”I hope the university will do the right thing and get these hard-working men and women the fair pay and decent benefits they deserve and have earned,” LeGrand said in the 30-second clip on YouTube. The video was released on the Facebook page of Reclaim Rutgers — a coalition of unions and others advocating for new contracts for more than 20,000 Rutgers employees ranging from faculty members to nurses at the university-run hospitals. The video is on You Tube and will be promoted to the Rutgers community in the coming weeks, said Joshua Henne, a spokesman for the union coalition. Members of the coalition have leafleted at football games and other public events and plan to hold a rally before Rutgers President Robert L. Barchi delivers his “state of the university” address to the University Senate in New Brunswick Friday. See more at: http://www.northjersey.com/news/former-rutgers-football-player-eric-legrand-supporting-union-in-video-1.1091165#sthash.YEgLRa1j.LhanQaHG.dpuf

Rutgers on upswing, president declares

As Barchi spoke, about 50 members of unions representing nearly 20,000 Rutgers faculty and staff who are without a contract protested outside on College Avenue. The groups said they are coming off a three-year salary freeze that was coupled with increases in the amounts paid for medical insurance premiums. Adrienne Eaton, of the Rutgers chapter of the American Association of University Professors, said the group has been offered raises of 1 percent for each of the next two years, followed by 1.25 percent in the third year. "A lot of people are questioning [Rutgers'] priorities," said Nat Bender, communications director with the American Federation of Teachers New Jersey. He said academics are suffering as resources are channeled to athletics. See more at: http://www.northjersey.com/news/rutgers-on-upswing-president-declares-1.1092533

Barchi defends new budget among faculty protests

Faculty and staff protested at Friday’s University Senate meeting with complaints about the slow contract negotiation process and Rutgers’ compensation policies. Lucye Millerand, president of the Union of Rutgers Administrators, said many union members are taking home less than they did in 2008 when they factor in health care and pension costs. They have had a salary freeze for the past two years. Rutgers has more than 15,000 staff members, including dining hall workers, library staff and the staff of academic departments, according to Rutgers official website. The $1 billion Rutgers holds in reserve is the result of pay cuts to staff members, she said. “That money was stolen from our pockets,” she said. See more at http://www.dailytargum.com/article/2014/09/barchi-defends-new-budget-among-faculty-protests

At this historic moment for Rutgers, remember the workers - Eric LeGrand

Right now, most of Rutgers' team of faculty and staff who are members of unions are engaged in contract negotiations with the university. They are asking for something that students, athletes and fans can strongly support. They simply want fairness and respect. And they wish to be recognized for their essential role in making our university the top-notch institution we all value and cherish. I earned my degree from the excellent School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers while I played football. And while it was an honor to represent the university on the field, the nurturing and guidance I received in the classroom and from the teachers and staff was more important. I learned an enormous amount from my professors, many of whom went beyond the call of duty to help me succeed after I was severely injured and unable to attend classes. Rutgers University succeeds because of its enormous team of more than 20,000 faculty and staff, each of whom fill a role as specialized as that of a football player. These professionals have developed the skills and experience to make our school a stimulating, safe and healthy environment. It's a world-class setting for scholarship and research. See more at: http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2014/09/at_this_historic_moment_for_rutgers_remember_the_workers_opinion.html


Students. Faculty. Staff. Alumni. Community. We are Rutgers.

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